NetConsultiv is not only an agency but also a curated network of ecommerce experts combined with experienced consultants.

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Your success is our mission. Unlike conventional agencies, we work as your direct representative with our network of specialists to develop your ideas and implement them efficiently and in a future-proof manner.



We pinpoint your business needs and work out a high level plan to pursue opportunities and solve challenges.



With the plan in hand we design breathtaking user experience designs and optimized software solutions for your business.



Designed solutions will then be implemented into your digital project by our seasoned developers.



We also take care of continuously optimizing your ecommerce shop for sustainable growth.

This procedure gives our consultants the opportunity to understand and represent your vision entirely from your point of view. At the same time, this ensures that your ideas can be implemented efficiently and according to your requirements, without endless revisions stealing your time.

Our curated network of specialists

Because of our extensive network of partners and efficient, agile processes, we develop your online shop, landing page or corporate website individually, cost-effectively, with high quality and, of course, according to the latest standards.

You benefit from our hands-on experience in all operational questions and challenges of ecommerce projects. We advise and support you competently, far beyond just technical solutions. We are proud to provide holistic ecommerce project management from conception to internationalisation.



Why NetConsultiv is not an ordinary agency

Benedikt Schickan

Benedikt Schickan